Caleb Webster Fenelon / MrZomò

Zomo Caleb Webster Fénélon known as ZOMO, was born on January 10, 1987 in Pont Sondé, a locality of Haiti located in the municipality of Saint-Marc in the department of Artibonite. An orphan of father and mother, he grew up with his grandmother in a Christian family. Paradoxically Caleb is a non-religious believer.

ZOMO was educated at the Adventist College of Pont-Sondé, he extended his secondary education to Martin Ogine in Saint-Marc, he did not do his university circle. Her childhood was a little upset after the loss of her biological parents but succeeded thanks to her grandmother. He liked fighting but very smart at school, he always had a passion for music. Fenelon Webster Caleb says ZOMO is married, he has a six-year-old daughter named Marie Websterly Fénelon.

Like all Rivartibonitians, ZOMO loves rice and vegetables (DIRI AK LALO) Creole food, a specialty of the department of Artibonite. As for drinks, he likes natural juices and without forgetting WATER his favorite drink.

From a young age, ZOMO loved music, he made his first outing in a group called RAP IN BOY’S in 2003, his second experience with DIPLOMATE in 2005. In 2007 he was a member of the NEGRIYE formation where he goes get to know ANTOINE PRACEDE says ALFA-ALFA & ZOMO will form AZ in 2012, a very close duo. They released their first titled composition [LIFE GOES ON] This social music was among Hit of the Year in 2014.

ALFA and ZOMO have become very good friends, they go to the studio together, they play together, a very close duo. Antoine Pracede said ALFA even became the godfather of Caleb W. Fenelon’s daughter. In April 2015 AZ released his first album entitled KWE NAN REV OR it contained 17 pieces, it had the participation of some young artists like LORD IMP, LORD KAZ the artists of the group NEGRIYE and other.

ZOMO by his real name Caleb Webster Fenelon confesses that his music in all the songs that he has LIFE GOES ON remains the one and only song. His favorite local and international artists are: BLACK ALEX, JAH NESTA and BOB MARLEY. His favorite colors are BLACK WHITE and YELLOW. ZOMO does not adopt any style.

His last outing for this year is a titled 1000 EXCUSES, a way to apologize to his fans for their wait.