MiG Arogan

Meet Mig Arogan, a renowned Haitian rap artist, songwriter and a towering symbol in the hip-hop industry. As a child, Mig discovered rap music at its origin, where he voiced out his smooth-flowing raps to multiplicity of projects throughout the late ’90s

Early 2011, Mig rose to prominence as his unveiling passion for music took a forefront, when he released the “Bo Kotem Pa Paradi”; a blistering mixtape debut that took the Haitian rap community by storm and turn out to be his breakthrough release on the growing hip-hop Billboard charts.
A year later, in 2012 he progressed to New York, Manhattan, where he joined the American hip-hop industry; a profound move that rapidly began to grow globally. Branding his name progressively as a resourceful songwriter and motivational speaker known for sole and solid signature messages that inspires upcoming youths and artists in the music industry.

Mig’s social media audience took a twist when he dropped his latest single “Red & Blue”; a No shackled lyrical delivery that shocked his peers all over the world and even set a new standard in rap music across Haiti.
He later followed this amazing hit with other trending sounds like “I Got it” and “Ice cream” that spread across like wild-fire and still raging in the sands of time.


“Handz Up” was this out-of-the-box smash and a platinum-selling hit, till his official video “Addicted to Money” turned over the charts as one of the top cutting-edge tracks that earned him a spot with the big boys in 2018.